Campaign Ideas during Rakshabandhan & Independence Day

As an Indian e-commerce merchant, you can boost your online store’s sales during two upcoming significant events in August Rakshabandhan and Independence Day. These occasions are celebrated enthusiastically nationwide, perfect for running targeted marketing campaigns. This blog will explore some must-have marketing campaigns for your online store during Rakshabandhan and Independence Day, along with valuable insights and reliable sources to support your strategies. 

Rakshabandhan Marketing Campaigns

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Sibling Bundles

Create special Rakhi gift bundles, combining products that appeal to both brothers and sisters. According to Raksha Bandhan statistics, gift bundles witnessed a 25% increase in sales last year as per the report of the Indian Retail Sector.

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Personalized Rakhi Gifts

Tap into the emotional aspect of Rakshabandhan by offering personalized gifts. As per the report of the Indian Retail Sector, it has been mentioned that Customized products with names, messages, or photos have been shown to have a 35% higher conversion rate than regular gifts.

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Express Shipping

Promote express shipping options to ensure timely delivery of Rakhi gifts. Indian Retail Sector report mentions that last-minute shoppers appreciate reliable and fast delivery services, leading to a 30% increase in last-minute Rakhi orders as per the report of Indian Retail Sector.

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Social Media Contests

Organize engaging contests on social media platforms, encouraging participants to share their Rakshabandhan stories or pictures. Social media contests can generate a 20% increase in brand engagement and visibility, thanks to the report of Indian Sector Retail.

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Influencer Collaborations

Partner with relevant influencers or bloggers with a strong following among the target audience. Indian Retail Sector says that whenever there are Influencer marketing campaigns, they usually result in a 40% increase in conversion rates during Rakshabandhan.

Independence Day Marketing Campaigns

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Highlight the spirit of patriotism by showcasing products that celebrate Indian culture and heritage. According to e-commerce sites, sales of products with a patriotic theme witnessed a 30% boost during Independence Day, as per the report of Financial Express.

Freedom Sale

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions during the Independence Day period. Financial Express suggests that creating a sense of urgency with time-limited offers and discounts can result in a 45% increase in sales.

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Cause Marketing

Align your brand with a social cause related to independence, such as education for underprivileged children or environmental conservation. Customers appreciate brands supporting causes, with 60% being more likely to purchase.


Collaborative Giveaways

Collaborate with other Indian e-commerce merchants to organize joint giveaways or contests. You can reach a wider audience and enhance customer engagement by pooling resources. Previous collaborations have led to a 50% increase in participant engagement.


Email Campaigns

Send personalized emails to your customer base, expressing gratitude for their support and offering exclusive Independence Day deals. Segmented email campaigns have shown 25% higher click-through and conversion rates.


By implementing these must-have marketing campaigns during Rakshabandhan and Independence Day, Indian e-commerce merchants can significantly boost their online store sales. Remember to analyze campaign performance, track key metrics such as conversion rates and customer acquisition, and make data-driven optimizations. With careful planning and execution, you can leverage these festive occasions to drive customer engagement, increase brand visibility, and, ultimately, enhance your online store’s success. Also, optimize  your checkout flow  for more conversions

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