Generative AI and conversational commerce What it means for your checkout experience

Imagine a checkout experience that feels like a friendly conversation with a knowledgeable friend who understands your needs and guides you seamlessly through the process. That’s the future of online shopping, and it’s arriving thanks to the powerful combination of Generative AI and Conversational Commerce.


Why is this a big deal for Indian e-commerce?

India’s booming conversational commerce market: A recent report by Zinnov predicts India’s conversational commerce market to reach a staggering US$10 billion by 2025 (₹824 billion). The increasing popularity of messaging apps like WhatsApp and the rise of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant drives this trend.
Customers crave personalized experiences: According to Accenture, 80% of Indian online shoppers are likelier to purchase from brands that offer customized experiences. With conversational AI, checkout can be personalized by understanding individual preferences and offering relevant recommendations.
Reducing cart abandonment: As per PayU, 73% of online shopping carts are abandoned in India. Conversational AI can help address this by answering questions, resolving doubts, and offering support in real-time during checkout, leading to higher conversion rates.

So, what does this mean for your checkout experience?

Say goodbye to robotic chatbots: Generative AI can create chatbots that understand natural language and respond with a human touch, making the checkout feel more natural and engaging.
Personalized product recommendations: AI can analyze your customer’s browsing history and purchase patterns to recommend relevant products right at checkout, increasing basket size and average order value.
Seamless omnichannel experience: Move seamlessly between different channels like website, app, and messaging platforms while maintaining a consistent checkout experience.

Let’s dive deeper with actionable points and specific features:


AI-powered Chatbots that Convert:
Ditch the robotic script: Craft personalized chatbots that understand your brand and products, engaging customers in a friendly conversation during checkout.
Reduce cart abandonment: Proactive AI assistants answer questions, offer support, and address doubts in real-time, leading to smoother conversions.
Multilingual magic: Cater to India’s diverse linguistic landscape with chatbots that converse in local languages, building trust and boosting comfort.

Checkout Personalization at its Finest:
Smart recommendations powered by AI: Go beyond basic “similar products” suggestions. AI engine analyzes individual purchase patterns and browsing history to recommend relevant items, increasing basket size and average order value.
Dynamic promotions and discounts: AI tailors special offers and deals based on customer preferences and purchase history, creating a sense of exclusivity and driving conversions.
No detail left behind: Remember customer preferences across sessions and platforms, offering a truly personalized checkout experience that builds loyalty.

Messaging Platforms: Where Your Customers Are:
WhatsApp checkout : Integrate seamlessly with WhatsApp, India’s most popular messaging platform, allowing customers to complete purchases within their familiar chat environment.
Omnichannel harmony: Move effortlessly between website, app, and messaging platforms during checkout, ensuring a consistent and convenient experience for your customers.
Engage, convert, delight: Reach customers on their preferred platforms, answer questions, and offer support, creating a frictionless checkout journey that fosters brand loyalty.

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