How Harshada Transformed her Instagram Sales with Aasaan Smart Forms

Harshada, a vibrant Rajasthani gaghra saree seller based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, knows the struggle of selling on Instagram. Customers love her unique collection, but closing the sale is always a constant battle.

But only some things were as smooth as sailing in the sea. This is what she has to face, as per our discussion

  1. Back-and-forth DMs: Endless messaging with customers to confirm details and collect payment information.
  2. Limited Payment Options: UPI was the only way and at times, servers were not available apart from lack of other popular payment methods.
  3. Payment Screenshots: Wasting time verifying the legitimacy of customer payments.
  4. Reconciliation Headaches: Manually matching payments with orders was a time-consuming hassle.
  5. Buyer Trust Issues: Limited payment options and lack of a secure platform made customers hesitant to buy.


One day, Harshada thought of discovering a solution that would eliminate the above issues. While looking for a solution, she discovered Aasaan Smart Forms from Aasaan Checkout, a solution designed specifically for Instagram sellers like her.  

She met with an Aasaan expert, pitched the product, and was promised a smoother, faster way to sell. Intrigued, Harshada signed up.

After some weeks, Harshada saw a significant difference in how Aasaan smart forms helped her in the below: –

  1. Wider Payment Options: Increased conversions by offering cash on delivery, debit cards, and more for customer flexibility.
  2. Seamless Checkout: Less of DMs with a user-friendly Aasaan’s smart form for easy order completion.
  3. Effortless Reconciliation: Automatic matching of payments with orders saved Harshada time and frustration.
  4. Simplified Order Management: A clear view of orders and payments allowed Harshada to focus on managing her business.
  5. Increased Buyer Trust: A secure platform with various payment options fostered customer trust, leading to more sales.


But the benefits weren’t just for Harshada. Aasaan’s secure platform fostered trust with her customers. The various payment options and smooth checkout process made them comfortable buying from Harshada’s Instagram store.

With Aasaan by her side, Harshada could finally focus on what she loved – designing and selling beautiful sarees. Aasaan handled the complexities, leaving Harshada with increased conversions, faster checkouts, and a happier customer base.

Harshada’s story is just one example of how Aasaan Smart Forms transforms Instagram sellers’ business in India without the need of any e-commerce site.

Are you ready to join the Aasaan Instagram revolution?