How To Choose Ecommerce Plugin For Your Store

The Indian e-commerce market is booming and is expected to reach a staggering ₹17.8 trillion ($250 billion) by 2030. This presents a massive business opportunity. However, choosing the right e-commerce plugin is crucial for success. Here is a helpful guide to assist you in navigating the available options:

  • Think Indian:
    1. Consider features like regional language support (Hindi, Tamil, etc.) and popular Indian payment gateways (like Safexpay, Razorpay, and Paytm), which are crucial for a smooth customer experience.
    2. Will your products cater to a pan-India audience? Factor in shipping solutions with wide coverage, such as Delhivery or Shiprocket.
  • Consider features:
    1. Product management, shopping carts, and secure payments are essential.
    2. Built-in marketing and SEO features can be a game-changer for discoverability in a crowded market.
  • Ease of use:
    1. User-friendly interface and clear instructions are critical, especially for businesses new to e-commerce.
  • Scalability:
    1. Choose a plugin that can grow with your business, anticipating future needs.


Top E-commerce Plugin Choices in India:

  • WooCommerce: Free, open-source, and top-rated (powering over 3.9 million online stores globally [source: BuiltWith]), with a vast extension library for customization. (Aasaan offers this now!)
    1. Indian Brands using WooCommerce: Many established Indian brands like Amar Chitra Katha and Badshah Masala leverage WooCommerce’s flexibility for their diverse product catalogs.
  • Shopify: Beginner-friendly, all-in-one solution with built-in features and growing popularity in India. (Coming Soon to Aasaan!)
    1. Indian Brands using Shopify: Newer brands like Lenskart and Pee Safe have succeeded with Shopify’s ease of use, allowing them to establish a solid online presence quickly.
  • Magento: Powerful and flexible platform for large stores with complex needs. It is a popular choice globally, gaining traction in India due to its ability to handle extensive product offerings. (Coming Soon to Aasaan!)
    1. Indian Brands using Magento: Big names like Apollo Pharmacy and Nykaa utilize Magento’s scalability for their vast product catalogs and high-traffic websites.
  • BigCommerce: Scalable and feature-rich platform for growing businesses with a strong presence in the Indian market. (Coming Soon to Aasaan!)
    1. Indian Brands using BigCommerce:Sony and Skullcandybenefits from BigCommerce’s robust features for their evolving online stores, ensuring a seamless customer shopping experience.


Ecommerce PluginDescriptionBenefitsTop BrandsAasaan Status
WooCommerceFree, open-source, and immensely popularVast extension library for customizationAmar Chitra Katha,Badshah MasalaAvailable Now
ShopifyBeginner-friendly, all-in-one solutionBuilt-in features, Growing popularity in IndiaLenskart, Pee Safe, US Polo AssnComing Soon
MagentoPowerful and flexible platformScalability for large storesNykaa, Apollo Pharmacy, SulekhaComing Soon
BigCommerceScalable and feature-rich platformStrong presence in the Indian marketSkullcandy, SonyComing Soon


Aasaan’s Got You Covered!

We understand the importance of choice, especially for Indian businesses. As of now, Aasaan checkout currently offers WooCommerce integration, and we’re working hard to bring Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to our platform soon! Stay tuned for exciting updates that cater to your specific e-commerce needs in the Indian market.