How to prevent cart abandonment in 2024 and recover lost sales

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of every online store owner. Statistics show that a staggering 69.8% of shopping carts are abandoned globally as per Baymard Institute representing a massive chunk of potential revenue left on the table. But fear not! There are effective strategies you can implement in 2024 to streamline your checkout process, build trust with customers, and turn those abandoned carts into conversions.

Understanding Why Carts Get Abandoned

Before diving into solutions, let’s explore the common reasons for cart abandonment:

  1. Unexpected Costs: Hidden fees, high shipping costs, or taxes tacked on at checkout can send shoppers scrambling.
  2. Complicated Checkout Process: A lengthy or confusing checkout process is a major turnoff. Streamline your checkout with guest checkout options, autofill for returning customers, and clear instructions.
  3. Security Concerns: Ensure your website is secure and displays trust signals like SSL certificates and security badges
  4. Product Availability Doubts: Provideclear stock indicators to avoid disappointment at checkout
  5. Comparison Shopping: Some customers add items to their carts to compare prices elsewhere. Retargeting ads can remind them of their interest and nudge them back to your store.


Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment


Now that we know the culprits, let’s address them with these effective strategies:

  1. Offer a 1-Click Checkout Experience: Prioritize a user-friendly checkout with minimal steps, such as Aasaan Checkout. Consider guest checkout options and one-click checkout for returning customers.
  2. Transparency is Key: Display all costs – product price, taxes, and shipping fees – from the product page.
  3. Provide Multiple Payment Options: Cater to customer preferences by offering a variety of secure payment methods, including digital wallets.
  4. Highlight Easy Returns & Money-Back Guarantees: Showcase your return policy prominently to build trust and reduce anxieties about commitment.
  5. Leverage Exit-Intent Popups: As customers move their cursor to leave, trigger a popup offering a discount or free shipping to incentivize completion.
  6. Optimize Mobile Checkout: Most online shopping happens on mobile devices. Ensure your checkout process is optimized for a smooth mobile experience


Recovering Abandoned Carts: Second Chances for Sales


Even with the best efforts, some carts will still be abandoned. Here’s how to win those customers back:

  1. Automated Email Recovery Sequence: Set up an automated email sequence that triggers after cart abandonment. The first email can be a gentle reminder with product images, followed by subsequent emails offering incentives like discounts or free shipping.
  2. Personalized Recovery Efforts:Consider segmenting your abandoned cart emails based on purchase value or product category. This allows for more targeted messaging that resonates better with the customer.
  3. Explore Alternative Outreach Methods: Brands are getting creative with cart recovery, so why not you also do it? WhatsApp, one of the world’s most widely used messaging apps (over 2 billion monthly users as per WhatsApp themselves, offers a unique opportunity to connect with customers on a platform they’re already comfortable with. Brands can send friendly reminders or personalized offers directly to the customer’s phone, leveraging the high open rates and engagement associated with WhatsApp communication via WhatsApp Business.
  4. Remarketing via Ads: Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads offer powerful remarketing tools to target website visitors who have abandoned their carts. These ads can display abandoned items, promote special offers, and remind customers about their interest, driving them back to your store to complete their purchase. You can check with our Consolidated Dashboard to check which platform is giving you conversions rather than looking at each platform.


Continuously Analyze and Refine

Remember, the battle against cart abandonment is an ongoing process. Regularly analyze your website data to identify drop-off points in the checkout flow. Conduct A/B testing on different checkout elements and abandoned cart email strategies to see what resonates best with your audience.
By implementing these strategies and staying data-driven, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates in 2024 and recover lost sales, turning window shoppers into loyal customers.