How to sell directly on Instagram without website

According to Later, over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business. It’s a fantastic platform to showcase your products, connect with potential customers, and build a loyal brand following. But how do you turn those likes and comments into sales?

However, direct selling on the platform can be difficult due to DMs, payment links, and trust issues. But how do you turn those likes and comments into sales?

The Answer is pretty simple: Directly sell on Instagram

Why Instagram is Perfect for Direct Sales

• Highly Engaged Audience: People on Instagram are actively browsing and interested in discovering new products. As per Social Media Today, a whopping 81% of users use Instagram to research products and services making them a primed audience for direct sales. India has the second highest number of monthly users (10 crores). This is a winning formula for making a sale on social media. This means that Instagram is a good platform to sell products online in India. Check the below data

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Visual Storytelling: Showcase your products in a captivating way with high-quality photos and videos. Instagram’s visual focus allows you to leverage the power of storytelling to connect with your audience on an emotional level. 78% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after seeing a high-quality image of it as per Big Commerce.

Credit: Social Media Today

Built-in Shopping Features: Instagram offers tools like product tags and storefronts to simplify the buying process. These features allow users to discover and purchase products directly within the app, creating a seamless buying experience. 44% of online shoppers have used buy buttons on social media platforms as per leading ecommerce plugin platform

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Direct Communication: Connect with customers directly through DMs and build relationships. Unlike traditional advertising, Instagram fosters two-way communication. You can answer questions, address concerns, and personalize the buying experience, leading to increased trust and sales.

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Getting Started with Direct Instagram Sales

Here’s a quick roadmap to get you selling:
1. Switch to a Business Profile: This unlocks analytics, contact buttons, and shopping features.

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2. Create Eye-Catching Content: High-quality photos and videos showcasing your products are essential.

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3. Run Engaging Stories: Use stories to highlight new products, promotions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

4. Utilize Product Tags: Tag your products in posts and stories, making them directly shoppable.

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5. Set Up Instagram Shopping: This allows you to create a virtual storefront within Instagram.

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We will also guide you to sell directly on Instagram with a smoother and more secure experience for both you and your customers, ditching the outdated sales journey.

The Struggles of the Current Instagram Sales Journey
Imagine this all-too-common scenario:

1. An interested customer DMs you about a product.
2. You send them photos, descriptions, and maybe a payment link.
3. They ask more questions, needing your address for delivery.
4. Back-and-forth messages follow to confirm details and payment.

This messy process is riddled with problems:
• Limited Payment Options: UPI is just great, but many times it is inconvenient. Online payments are limited.
• Fake Payment Screenshots: Fraudulent screenshots waste your time.
• Information Overload: Juggling DMs for different orders is a nightmare.
• Reconciliation Chaos: Matching payments to orders is a struggle.
• Buyer Trust Issues: Customers hesitate to share personal details over DMs.

Introducing Aasaan Smart Forms: A Smoother Sales Journey for Everyone
Aasaan Smart Forms simplifies Instagram sales for you and your customers. Here’s the new, improved flow:


1. A customer DMs you about a product.
2. You share the product details and a secure Aasaan smart form.
3. The customer fills out the form with ease, choosing their preferred payment method.
4. Order confirmed! You receive a notification with all the details.

Why Aasaan Smart Forms is a Game Changer
• More Conversions: Offer a variety of payment options (credit cards, debit cards, UPI) to boost sales.
• Seamless Checkout: The Aasaan form simplifies order processing for both parties.
• Effortless Reconciliation: Payments are automatically mapped to orders, saving you time.
• Trustworthy Transactions: Aasaan’s secure platform builds buyer confidence.

Benefits for Your Customers
• Payment Flexibility: Choose their preferred payment method for a smooth purchase.
• Faster Checkout: No more lengthy DM exchanges, just a quick and easy form.
• Trustworthy Platform: Aasaan fosters a secure buying experience.

Stop the Instagram Sales Struggle, Start Selling Smarter
Aasaan Smart Forms empowers you to sell directly on Instagram with a frictionless experience. Say goodbye to the days of messy DMs and hello to a simpler, more profitable sales journey.