Maximize Your Tech Stack Potential with Builtwith

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, having a well-optimized tech infrastructure is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

BuiltWith is a go-to tool that provides valuable insights into your competitors’ technology choices, allowing you to master your tech stack. Let’s explore the features and benefits of BuiltWith objectively and how it can empower you to optimize your tech infrastructure.

Gain an in-depth understanding of competitor tech stack

Understanding your competitors’ tech stack is essential for thriving in the competitive landscape. BuiltWith allows you to delve deep into their technology choices and provides insights into various aspects, such as website frameworks, content management system (CMS) platforms, analytics tools, advertising platforms, and more. These insights offer a clear understanding of industry trends, enabling you to optimize your tech infrastructure accordingly. According to a study by BuiltWith, 70% of e-commerce merchants who analyzed competitor tech stacks were able to improve their website performance and functionality.

Uncover Actionable Insights with Analytics Tools


Analytics tools play a vital role in measuring and tracking website performance. BuiltWith provides visibility into the analytics tools your competitors rely on, allowing you to uncover their specific choices, such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or Hotjar. By gaining insights into user behavior, conversion rates, and engagement metrics, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance. Analytics tools can improve website conversion rates by 30%, according to a study by Kissmetrics.

Discover Marketing and Advertising Technologies


Effective marketing and advertising strategies are essential for e-commerce success. BuiltWith helps you gain insights into your competitors’ marketing and advertising technologies. You can identify the email service providers, social media platforms, and advertising networks they leverage. This knowledge allows you to optimize your marketing strategies, reach your target audience more effectively, and drive better results. Salesforce states that businesses using advanced marketing technologies achieve a 20% increase in revenue.

Harness the Power of CMS Plugins


CMS plugins play a crucial role in enhancing website functionality and user experience. BuiltWith reveals the CMS plugins your competitors are utilizing, providing valuable insights for optimization. By learning from their choices, you can incorporate the right plugins to provide a seamless browsing experience, improve navigation, and enhance customer satisfaction. WPBeginner found that websites using optimized CMS plugins experienced a 40% decrease in bounce rates and a 25% increase in average session duration

Simplify Payment Processes for Success

Smooth and secure payment processes are essential for boosting conversions. BuiltWith offers insights into the payment gateways and processors your competitors use. By discovering the payment solutions they have integrated, such as Safexpay, Razorpay, Cashfree, or PayU, you can optimize your payment processes, reduce friction, and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers. Baymard Institute found that businesses that implemented streamlined payment processes experienced a 15% increase in checkout stage conversion.

As per above, we can conclude that BuiltWith is an indispensable tool that empowers e-commerce merchants on Aasaan Checkout to optimize their tech infrastructure. By objectively analyzing competitor tech stacks, gaining insights into analytics tools and marketing technologies, harnessing the power of CMS plugins, and streamlining payment processes, you can stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the power of data-driven decisions and optimize your tech stack for success.

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